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The Cloud Security Platform Simpler, Smarter, Safer

One unified platform monitors and manages all smart devices Enable incredible experiences with a unified software and hardware solution.

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  • Expandable

    Add more devices and sites without complicating the user experience.

  • All in one

    Simplify your security system with a single app and web dashboard to see everything at once.

  • Access Anywhere

    Remotely access and manage your sites from any browser or device.

  • Ensure your team easy-to-use

    • ● Unprecedented control.

      Save time and money with software that easily scales up or back as often as you need.

    • ● Real-time visibility.

      Maintain a system of record with detailed activity logs, on-demand video, and custom alerts for access events as they occur.

    • ● Effortlessly manage sites at scale.

      Eliminate complexity with Command’s intuitive user interface and intelligent automation. Add devices in minutes, while leveraging granular roles and permissions to manage users at scale.

  • One-Stop solution

    • Get a more comprehensive view of what’s happening across all your spaces with unified video and access solutions.

    • Conveniently monitor video of every access event on your mobile device or in the Control Center.

    • Combine touchless access, two-way audio, and mobile video calling in a single, voice-activated device at the door with the video intercom.

  • Keep your business safe

    • ● Secure and reliable.

      Secu365 advanced cloud solution is cyber secure with end-to-end encryption, using AES255 and HTTPS Encryption algorithm to protect data security as the Edge terminal communicates with the cloud.

    • ● Quickly detect and respond to threats.

      Aggregate data across devices within a centralized platform, providing users a complete picture of activity across sites to easily detect threats and expedite response times.

Create a thriving workplace you need to manage

  • Spaces

    Manage individual spaces, including unlock schedules, remote lockdowns, or switching relays on your controller.

  • Events

    All events are logged and orgnanized within Secu365 dashboard, making reports and audits a breeze.

  • Users

    Easily manage permissions for users, teams, and guests. Automatically grant user permissions with directory integrations.